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Simple PrePlan

About Us

A place where people can select, plan, and pay for funeral arrangements conveniently online- saving time, money, and ensuring peace of mind.


Simple PrePlan was founded in 2019 by entrepreneur Lee Smith. Along with her husband Kevin, they own a funeral home in Penticton, BC called Kettle Valley Memorial.


Lee discovered there is a gap the in the funeral industry when it comes to prearrangements and the solution is to fill it with more online options for families. Idea for Simple PrePlan was started after she saw countless families stressed about a planning a funeral at the time of passing and realized there could be a better way. With the ever-evolving technology and information era we live in she realized that it would be great if people were able to prepare, plan and pay for funeral arrangements easily online, in advance, without sales pressure and from the comfort of their own home.


In 2019 Lee pitched the idea at the TechStars Startup Weekend at Okanagan College and won 1st place and the crowd favorite. Shortly after, the idea gained the attention of a local software company called Big Bear Software. They partnered up, put the plans in motion and created Simple PrePlan.

Prearranging funeral services helps to ease the burden on loved ones. It also alleviates any questions, problems or differences, which can occur among family members.


If you're ready to get started planning a funeral, contact us today to get started.